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With over 35 years of experience, a powerful mix of public, private and proprietary data, and innovative analytical software, MicroBilt has been a recognized pioneer in credit, alternative credit and risk management. Our products cover the full cycle of business from vetting to originations to recovery. And every MicroBilt product is delivered through a single, easy-to-use, portal that can be customized to your business needs.

Infographic: 3 Scams That Target The Underbanked

by MicroBilt News on Jul 19, 2018

America's unbanked - all 23 million of them - are in scammers' crosshairs. Even though the unbanked may not have checking accounts...

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Mortgage bonanza: Major home loan trends of 2018

by Philip Burgess on Jul 13, 2018

The most popular mortgage loan in the U.S. is something of an old standby. 

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Webinar: Cost Reduction Strategies

by MicroBilt News on Jul 12, 2018

Everyone knows you have to spend money to make money, but there is a line between spending and over-spending.

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